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When She's Gone - Music

Section 1: Procession
Music: Morphine - Miles Davis' Funeral, from 'Cure for Pain'

Section 2: By the Window
Music: Treat Her Right - Standing By Your Window, from 'What's Good For You'

Section 3: Ainít No
Music: David Eugene Edwards - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, from the self-titled album by his band 'Woven Hand'

Section 4: Weeping Women
Music: Imogen Heap

Section 5: Good Night, Ladies
Music: Lou Reed - from the album 'Transformer'

Section 6: Transition
Music: Morphine - Dawna, on 'Cure for Pain'

Section 7: When You Go
Music: Morphine - Take Me With You, from 'The Night'

Section 8: Mapping Memories
Memories created by the dancers

Section 9: It Used To Be This Way
Music: Radiohead - Hunting Bears, from 'Amnesiac'

Section 10: Offering
Music: Yo-Yo Ma and Edger Meyer - from the Appalachian Music CD

Section 11: How Could You Take My
Music: Brian Wilson - from 'Smile'